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Strong Market and Demand for Town Creek Farm Genetics

Cattlemen are enduring challenging times, yet disruptions from the pandemic have underscored the beef industry’s essential place in the food animal production system. Committed cattlemen continue to navigate through these times and proceed forward with resilience.

A capacity crowd of serious-minded repeat customers and prospective buyers were welcomed to Town Creek Farm Bull Sale and Commercial Bred Heifer Sale on October 17, 2020, near West Point, MS. Town Creek Farm program has established itself as a thriving producer of long-lasting, fertile genetics that excel in real-world commercial ranching environments. More than 200 buyers, bidders, on-line buyers and spectators were present from 12 states to appraise the Town Creek Farm offering. When the final gavel tap sounded, 128 Town Creek Farm bulls averaged $5666 and 198 customer-owned commercial bred heifers averaged $1979. The sale grossed $1,117,000.

The top-selling lot in the bull sale earned a price tag of $11,000. TCF Toro 453G, Lot 75, is a powerfully made, deep sided, three-quarter blood bull that posted a 5.30 percent marbling score and 1.22 ribeye area per hundred weight at yearling ultrasound scan. His pedigree reflects that three of four of his grandparents from the renowned Kempfer Ranch Brahman herd. 453G had a 42 cm. scrotal measurement and is sired by BK 487 of 135-181. Repeat customer Williams Ranch Company, Bastrop, TX, won the bidding war on this unique herd sire.

Another repeat Texas customer, William Thomas, Boerne, TX had the last and final bid of $10,000 on Lot 21, TCF Rapid Reward 25F4. The herd sire’s 13-year-old dam calved to A.I. breedings her last four of five calvings. 25F4 is a user-friendly bull with a near-ideal phenotype and is powerfully made from front to rear, moderately framed, and sound footed. This highly fertile bull is sired by BRB Rapid Reward 99W11 and had a scrotal measurement of 40 cm.

The bull sale advanced along with strong and stable valuations and little variation in pricing. Cattlemen were appreciative of the solid and consistent bull quality offered from start to finish. Three bulls sold from $10,000 to $11,000. Nine bulls sold from $8000 to $9500 and nine sold from $7000 to $7500. Thirty-three bulls brought values of $6000 to $6750 and 33 sold from $5000 to $5750.

In the Town Creek Farm Commercial Bred Heifer Sale, multi-generational, genetically tracked heifer’s commanded strong interest and demand from buyers. When the gavel fell for the final time, 198 heifers sold for an average price of $1979. These customer-owned heifers were offered by Williamson Cattle Co., ranching near Faunsdale, AL, and Okeechobee, FL, and a 23-year consignor; River Oaks Farm, Searcy, AR, 20-year consignor; 21-year consignor, CP Bar Ranch; 17-year consignor, Megehee Cattle Company, Macon, MS; along with 12-year consignor, Montgomery Farms, Moulton, AL. Other consigners included B&B Farm, Linden, AL, eight-year consignor; Longino Ranch, Sidell, Florida, six-year consignor; and Lowell Dollar Farms, a five-year consignor.

Top-selling pen of heifers came from Montgomery Farms and went Stain Farms, Thorsby, AL, for $2500 each. Red Tiffee of Monterey, LA, took home 10 heifers from Williamson Cattle Co. at $2350 each. Eric and Mary Chambers of Ackerman, MS, found 15 Longino Ranch heifers for $2350 each. All 15 will calve to A.I. breedings.

Volume buyers were all repeat Town Creek Farm customers; Triple S Ranch, Longino Ranch, and Rio Ranch of Florida, and Charles Barland Ranch, Mississippi.

Doak Lambert, Coppell, TX, was the auctioneer.

Strong Market and Demand for Town Creek Farm Genetics
Strong Market and Demand for Town Creek Farm Genetics