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Bulls Built To Last A Long Time

Bull Development

Town Creek Farm genetic program is designed to supply fertile, functional, long lasting bulls that make positive impacts to bottom-lines of commercial bull customers. Bulls are genetically bred to sire fertile, reproductively sound replacement females without sacrificing pounds or carcass quality. While performance and pounds remain top of the mind for Town Creek Farm, we remain committed to fertility and preserving maternal traits of Brangus cattle. Town Creek Farm considers fertility as the highest valued trait to improving our customers' bottom-line. After all, it's impossible to wean a 650-pound calf from a female who didn't conceive or one who lost her calf due to calving difficulties.

Bulls Built from the Bottom Up. Forage and Fescue Tough.

Bull Development at Town Creek Farm begins with our endpoint in mind. Following weaning and our first culling, Town Creek bulls are moved to our West Farm to begin their phase of reproductive and physiological development. Bulls remain with their weaning contemporaries throughout the duration of development and are maintained in 40 to 50 acres traps with both summer and winter forage available for grazing. Bulls, together with their dams prior to weaning, are maintained on native and improved winter fescue. They continue to graze native fescue in winter months of development. Bulls get daily exercise to ensure feet and leg soundness as feeding and watering areas are positioned at opposite ends of traps. Town Creek bulls are grown on limited rations composed of 60 percent haylage, which is produced and harvested on Town Creek Farm. Bulls are offered pasture hay to extend pasture grazing. Town Creek bulls are developed on high roughage diets eliminating potential of overfeeding, bad feet and joints and lower fertility, which is typically generated from high starch rations.

As yearlings, Town Creek bulls are ultrasounded for ribeye area, marbling and fat thickness. Scrotal measurements are taken. Bulls with subpar or under developed scrotums are culled. Feet, legs, hocks and hooves are checked at this time. Bulls that don't meet standards are eliminated. Poor performers and hard doers are eliminated as well.

From yearlings to sale time, bulls are vetted with a vengeance. Within 30 days of sale, bulls are semen tested with a complete breeding soundness examination. This includes physical exams, scrotal measurements, manual palpations, and semen sample collection, which scores motility and morphology of semen. Bulls are Trichomoniasis tested, BVDPI tested and Johnes tested within 30 days of sale.

Town Creek Farm implements a compressive health program throughout the life of the bull while at the farm. Customers can rest assured that they will receive a healthy, vivacious bull ready for the breeding pastures.

Bull dispositions and temperaments are cultivated and managed, and rank as a priority by Town Creek Farm. Bulls are handled and trained to provide customers with user-friendly bulls. Our bull handling and managing includes horseback for gathering and treating, and routine foot traffic among bulls.