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Consistent, Proven Genetics Attract Buyers to Town Creek Farm Sale

Town Creek Farm’s proven track record of supplying reliable, durable, long-lasting bulls generated robust and repeat demand for Town Creek Farm genetics on October 19, 2019, at the ranch near West Point, Mississippi. Town Creek Farm’s breeding program is driven by innovation, genetic development and by providing cutting-edge, consistent genetics to its customer base.

As one of the leading suppliers of Brangus, VigorMax™ and Ultrablack bulls to cattlemen in the central and southern tier of the United States, Town Creek Farm bulls are recognized for their fertility, efficiency, and structural soundness. Buyers seeking Town Creek Farm genetics have come to expect bulls that sire top-quality maternal replacement heifers and make positive impacts to bottom-lines of commercial cattlemen.

Buyers showed their approval and confidence in the Town Creek Farm program, as 76 buyers from 11 states and Thailand, Asia, were successful buyers of Town Creek Farm genetics. Repeat customers accounted for 67% of the day’s purchases. When auctioneer Doak Lambert of Decatur, Texas, laid the gavel down following the final bid, 147 Town Creek Farm bulls averaged $4725 and 214 Customer-Owned Commercial Brangus Bred Heifers averaged $1605.

Eleven Brangus, Ultrablack and VigorMax™ bulls sold between $13,500, the sale high, to $7000. All but two bulls were sold to repeat Town Creek Farm customers from the states of Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. Buyers appreciated the proven genetic packages, moderate frame, muscle mass and thickness in these herd bulls.

In the next pricing tier, 14 Brangus, Ultrablack and VigorMax™ bulls sold from $6000 to $7000, Again, repeat customers took the majority of these bulls back to their home states of Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. New Town Creek Farm customers in this pricing tier hailed from Alabama and Louisiana. Of the remaining bull offering, 48 lots sold from $6000 to $5000 to progressive cattle operations throughout the southeast.

All volume bull buyers came from the state of Florida.

The commercial bred heifer portion of the sale showed the some strength, but also represented the current state of the cattle industry. The offering featured second generation Town Creek Farm sourced heifers who were bred back to Town Creek Farm bulls. Customer-owned heifers were offered by Williamson Cattle Co. of Florida and Alabama, a 22-year consignor sale consignor; 20-year consignor, CP Bar Brangus, Mississippi; 15-year consignor, Megehee Cattle Company, also of Mississippi; along with 11-year consignor, Montgomery Farms, Alabama; seven-year consignor, B&B Farm, Alabama; five-year consignor Longino Ranch of Florida; and four-year participant; Lowell Dollar Farms of Georgia.

Volume heifer buyers were from the country of Thailand, Asia, and Florida.

Volume heifer buyers were from Arkansas.

For more information on Town Creek Farm, contact 32476 Hwy. 50 E, West Point, MS 39773, phone 662/494-5944, email or on the web at