Working Ranch Quarter Horses

We Raise Horses Because We Have Cattle

Town Creek Farm began breeding a small group of American Quarter horse mares in 2014 to supply our cattle operation with working horses. We believe in working our cattle off horseback to create calm and safe working environments for people and cattle alike. Solid ranch horses are essential to the daily operations here at Town Creek Farm. We soon realized that moving forward we wanted to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase horses raised in a cattle working environment. With that in mind, we have set out to breed, start, and offer top quality ranch horses to our customers.

Top quality horses, start with top quality mares. As written in the article “Good Mamas” from the Quarter Horse Journal, “Good horses, like good people, have good mothers.” Our mare herd may be small with five head; however, they boast some serious mare power. Each mare has been hand selected to suit our program, and each offers genetic variation. Their lineage traces back to many greats including Driftwood, Poco Bueno, Doc Bar, Colonel Freckles, Haidas Little Pep, Peppy San Badger, Hollywood Gold, Smart Little Lena, and Three Bars. Our mares have top notch looks and brain-power as well as quality genetics. Each mare must have solid, correct conformation; excellent foot structure; fluid movement; muscle and shape; as well as a history of being a great ranch horse herself or producing quality ranch horses.

Each year, we cross our mares with outside stallions through the use of A.I. Our horses are from strong sires that have proven themselves or show great potential as stallions. Many of our stallion choices boast impressive earnings and progeny earnings. The combination of a powerful paternal side and high-quality maternal side allows us to produce exceptional horses. Horses that are excellent-minded, cow savvy, willing and athletic partners for your ranch or family.

We are excited about the future of our ranch horse program. Please contact us about our program and availability of horses.

Working Ranch Quarter Horses